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Strategies and motivation to help you establish and meet your goals.

People seek counseling and family therapy for many reasons including elevated stress and anxiety, sadness or depression, family and couples relational issues and help in recovering from trauma. In these situations, as well as many others, a caring nonjudgmental professional can often provide the right mix of thoughtful listening - sharing ideas, strategies and motivation to help you establish and meet your goals. In a comfortable environment that encourages exploration, many people find pathways they may have never before considered. Counseling and therapy provide a safe environment in which change can happen.

A comfortable environment that encourages exploration

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We are sometimes faced with complex dilemmas and challenging situations

Life does not always follow a smooth, straight path. We are sometimes faced with complex dilemmas and challenging situations. The signs of stress may be noticed in our bodies and in our everyday interactions. Over a prolonged period of time, stress may take its toll. You may find your eating or sleeping patterns changing, or you may attempt to “relax” by drinking more or using more medicines. Stress is also a contributing factor in diminished immune response leading to illness.

Careful listening to your ideas and assessing your strengths will help determine factors contributing to your stress. Learning strategies and skills to work with life’s dilemmas will be the major part of our work to help you restore a healthy balance in your life.

We will plan together to understand and diminish depressive thoughts

There has been a marked increase in awareness of the symptoms of Depression in today’s society. Depression can take many forms. It may be a powerful influence in our thoughts, feelings and behavior . It is sometimes experienced as a prevailing feeling of sadness that diminishes our enjoyment of life. In its more severe and debilitating form, depression may foster a sense of hopelessness that prevents us from engaging in our normal daily activity. Milder feelings of sadness or disappointment may be experienced as a response to recent events. These feelings are sometimes confused with depression’s more serious consequences yet may be equally uncomfortable, especially if their origins are unclear.

Careful multidimensional assessment is essential in developing a clear picture and plan for treatment. Using the tools of Cognitive/Behavioral, Mindfulness and other therapy styles, we will plan together to understand and diminish depressive thoughts and sadness. We may suggest additional interventions such as prescriptive assignments, specific exercises, or in some cases conjoint planning with other health professionals.

We will take an active approach to help you define and diminish the distress

Traumatic events at any time of life may sometimes result in troubling memories or disturbing feelings which might be experienced while engaged in everyday activities. Feeling intense emotions or fears in a situation, even when you know in your mind they are unwarranted, may affect your ability to live and work as you would like to. Enjoying friends and family, maintaining healthy relationships and the ability to navigate daily routines may be affected. If you have experienced trauma and believe it interferes with your abilities to enjoy your life and relationships, there are strategies that can be learned to help you move forward.

We will take an active approach to help you define and diminish the distress. At your own pace, we will develop a controlled awareness of how the trauma is affecting your everyday life. We will work to help develop body awareness, relaxation techniques and stress reduction skills for the times when you may be experiencing discomfort. You will learn behavioral and cognitive skills to help manage the memories, handle triggering situations and enhance current relationships.

Working together we can examine the current situation with a fresh perspective

Life’s ever changing pathways are sometimes difficult to navigate. We may expect to develop relationships, go off to college, marry, change jobs and have children. Occasionally, these experiences are tinged with anxiety, self doubt or disappointment. More difficult challenges come when we or a loved one experiences illness, trauma, loss of employment, grief, financial loss or, in some cases, dramatic unexpected change. Our children are especially sensitive to these kinds of change.

Working together we can examine the current situation with a fresh perspective, assess your strengths and supports, and develop a roadmap. Change may be challenging. However, it presents great potential for exploration and creative action in the encouraging and supportive environment of the Counseling experience.

About Gregg R. Maynard

Greg Maynard Gregg R. Maynard has been practicing the art and science of counseling and psychotherapy for over thirty years. He is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and also holds Masters (MS) and Educational Specialists (Ed.S.) degrees in Counseling. He completed a three year Family Therapy training program at Family Studies Center.

Gregg served for many years in public education as a counselor and social worker and as Adjunct Assistant Professor in Education at Dowling College. There he taught courses in child development, law and special education services at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. He has presented numerous workshops on a variety of youth and family related issues.

He has served as an Impartial Hearing Officer for VESID and Individuals with Disabilities. Originally trained as a biologist, Gregg has a passion for the marine environment. He holds a U.S. Coast Guard Master of Coastal Vessels license. He is also an avid cyclist, musician and yoga practitioner.

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